Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; Book by James Lapine

Guthrie Theater

directed by Joseph Haj
scenic design by Jan Chambers
costume design by Toni Leslie James
lighting design by Jane Cox
sound design by Elisheba Ittoop
projection design by Caite Hevner

photography by T Charles Erickson and Ian McClain


"The Wurtele Thrust Stage complicates the task of animating a rectangular painting, but scenic designer Jan Chambers compensates for the lack of a conventional proscenium by erecting an immense onstage frame that, like the rest of the set, is white. That allows Caite Hevner’s precise projections to depict the setting as it evolves into a very familiar work of art that’s taken on new layers of meaning by the time its subjects emerge for their curtain call." 

-Jay Gabler, City Pages

"Kudos are in order for the design team here, especially projection designer Caite Hevner and lighting designer Jane Cox. Scenic designer Jan Chambers has given them a white stage floor and steps, a huge white rectangular frame, and a grand sweep of draped white canvas to play upon, and they do so with both skill and taste." 

-Karen Bovard, Broadway World

"Another window into George’s psyche comes from the intertwined scenic design by Jan Chambers and projections by Caite Hevner. A massive fall of fabric becomes a massive tree trunk, a pillar, a swath of canvas, and a scattering of light. Projections on this fabric and the grand arch illustrate the sketches, studies, and elements of the final painting that are being discussed and sung about – a visual walkthrough that is highly compelling and removes an access barrier for those not strongly familiar with the painting." 

-Basil Considine, Twin Cities Arts Reader