by Mario Correa

Lynn Redgrave Theater

directed by Dan Knechtges
scenic and projection design by Caite Hevner
costume design by Jennifer Caprio
lighting design by Ryan O'Gara
sound design by John Emmett O'Brien

photography by Carol Rosegg


"In “Tail! Spin!,” a clever comedy revisiting hanky-panky-in-high-office scandals, we are reminded how frequently sexual misbehavior and political posturing have clashed, to mortifying effect, in the lives of elected American officials in recent years. . . .] The production, which opened at the Lynn Redgrave Theater on Wednesday, comes trimmed in mock-patriotic trappings that accentuate the contrast between the, ahem, dignity of office and the luridness of the scandals. A sturdy wooden lectern is a central prop, and a giant bald eagle insignia, looking strangely lascivious, leers from the backdrop." 

-Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"Zippily staged by Dan Knechtges (“Lysistrata Jones”), the evening looks at each of those fools in succession, as a bronzed eagle sporting prominent masculine pecs looks on from the background." 

-Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post